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Divine Guidance

Virtual Healing Retreat

Hi, soul fam.

Spiritual Channel, Intuitive Jen and
International Psych
ic and Mentor for Psychic Readers, Tana Newberry here!

If you love spiritual retreats, but would also feel comfortable right at home… this is for you.

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And we would love for you to join us for our next Virtual Retreat!

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Immerse yourself in intuitive messages and receive the Divine Guidance that will have you moving forward in your life with wisdom and clarity… (All from the comfort of  YOUR HOME!)

And let me tell you, this isn't your ordinary spiritual retreat...

Here’s why:


We are both incredibly passionate about awakening others and helping lightworkers find their magic. Between the two of us, we have an enormous toolbox of intuitive tools to share with you. If you love psychic readings, spiritual practices, and all things woo-woo… you’re going to love these retreats.

This is a virtual retreat experience designed to facilitate an energetic shift that brings you into alignment for divine connection and deep healing.

If you love spiritual retreats, but would also feel comfortable right at home… this is for you.

The methods we’ll use in this virtual retreat will help you open the gate of your divine wisdom and spiritually move and wake-up your soul.

If you want to really find your connection and awaken the depths of your intuitive insights…

Then this retreat will work perfectly for you. 


Like I said, there’s more to this virtual space than just learning a few new techniques. During this virtual retreat and intuitive container we will:

Create a Deeper Connection with Ourselves

Dive deep into your truth, your wishes and your wisdom. Becoming self-aware is the first step to becoming intuitively aware.

Create a Deeper Connection with Spirit

When you’re in a safe and healing container like this one, you have the ability to open your heart to new depths of  insight and healing like you’ve never imagined.

Create a Deeper Connection with Others

Connect with others through sharing  your messages and experiences. You are a valuable part of the collective and will get time to shine and make friends.


And you deserve to...


This retreat is going to give you a safe place to grow and learn, as well as tools to stay connected with your inner guidance system long after the retreat is over. This virtual space is much more than just hanging out on Zoom with some spiritual friends. It's a life changing experience.

Available Soon

And why would you attend a retreat virtually?

You get to have a powerful and transformative experience...

All without leaving the comfort of your home, having to pay travel expenses or even having to take time off of work.

Doesn't that sound AMAZING?

Now, let us jump right in and tell you what we have in store for you!

Here's what you're getting when you join us for the "Divine Guidance 1 Day Virtual Retreat"

  • 6 Hours of Retreat Instruction with a 60 minute lunch break in the middle.

  • A Printable PDF Workbook so you can record your messages you receive during the retreat.

  • A Meet and Greet with Your Personal Spirit Guides who will guide you for the duration of the retreat.

  • A Group Divine Guidance Exercise where you’ll give and receive shared intuitive messages for the group.

  • A Crystal Bowl Sound Bath, Reiki infused and dedicated to inner-wisdom awakening.

  • Receive Psychic Insight from International Psychic, Tana Newberry during a group channeling session.

  • A Powerful and Unique Group Card Reading where you’ll interpret the personal meaning Spirit has for you.

  • A Healing and Rejuvenating Restorative Yoga Practice that you can do right from home to integrate your retreat messages.

This is not an online lecture that drags on and on. This is an interactive and immersive experience.


AND, we have an amazing bonus for you:

If you save your spot today, you'll get a 50% off coupon for a deep dive reading with Jen!

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But Wait, We're Not Done!

You'll get a special EARLY BIRD BONUS...
A Restorative Yoga For Intuitive Guidance On-Demand Practice

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This is a 40-Minute Restorative Yoga Practice with multiple intuitive check-ins to receive messages and guidance from your inner wisdom, future self and Spirit.

Here's what to do next:

The investment is only $111, and you'll claim your spot instantly and receive confirmation via email.

You can connect from anywhere, and attend our virtual retreat space from 9-4pm PST.

And YES! $111 is the entire price of the retreat!

Space is limited. Book your spot today!


Want to sign up, but have questions? Get in touch!

Thanks for submitting!

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