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Donation Based Reading

If you're new here, this is where to start! Pay anything, get your questions answered.

Have some questions? Spirit has answers!

And you can donate anything that feels aligned and ask what you need to know.

AND you'll get a short pre-reading and post-reading meditation to help you drop in and receive the guidance, as well as a sound healing to help you integrate the messages you receive.


Pretty cool, huh?

When you book this donation based reading with me you'll receive:

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Here's what Paola had to say about her reading:

What do you have to lose?

To re-cap, this reading with me includes:

  • A short guided meditation to better receive your reading

  • A 10-15 minute recorded reading, as well as photos of the card spreads I do for you

  • A short guided meditation to understand the information you've received

  • A mini sound healing to listen to as you go to sleep to help integrate the information into your experience moving forward

You get access to all of these recordings for LIFE... all for donation!

Wondering about the benefits of a recorded reading?

  • When you get a recorded reading, you can listen to it as many times as you need. You can take notes, and actually break down what resonates/what you'd like to take action on and what you'd like to save for later.

  • You can make sure you're in a good energetic space to receive and hear your reading.

  • You can come back to the reading after implementing changes and see what other nuggets of wisdom lie in it for you to take action on.

  • And you can hear the messages again and again, as often as you need. Each time they will sound different.

Get guidance and information, AND tools to tap into your own intuition. It's a win win.


I am so excited to do this reading for you.

Are you ready to book your donation based reading?


Have questions first? I'm here to help!

Thanks for submitting!

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