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Are you a lightworker?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to help lightworkers, intuitives and healers elevate their mission and business and get the energetic exchange they need to do their best work. Why? Because imagine a world where healers have more money and can help more people. How do we break out of the Matrix? By doing our soul's work. Let's dive in together!

Questions? Send me an email.

Intuitive Biz Offerings

Clarity Call

A 30 minute call where I'll help you get clarity on anything you're working on in your biz right now. 


Coaching Package

5 pack of calls. We can work together on a launch or project, or anything else you need.


VIP Days

3-6 hour sessions where we go from 0 to completed project. This could be a YouTube channel or website redesign, etc.

From $750

Stay up to date on new programs!

I am always innovating and figuring out new ways to elevate spiritual entrepreneurs. Stay in the know!

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Need design work?

Check out the offerings Tana and I have over at Designing Intuition! From YouTube branding to web design and workbooks, we've got you.


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Debra Zachau

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"I highly recommend Jen Haddix. I had the pleasure of working with this incredible Design Diva and Marketing Marvel for a recent project, and I can't recommend her highly enough! Every design she created captured the essence I was looking for in a brand. With her intuitive nature, she seemed to effortlessly tap into my vision and translate it into visually stunning images. Her wisdom, coupled with her undeniable talent, made the entire process remarkably smooth."

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