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How can I help you?

I love to be of service! Keep scrolling to see my healing offerings.

You were not meant to just barely make it. You were meant to THRIVE. In your relationships, in your career, in your spiritual existence. Most of the things we know to be true are lies fed to us, to keep us small and powerless. But you are POWERFUL. You are bright and shiny beyond measure. You are here to love and be loved. It's time to connect to that truth. Let's go!


What I can teach you:

How to Heal Your Shit

A lot of the things that hold you back are patterns and trauma that you haven't let go of. Learn how to own your human existence, let go of what is no longer working for you, and reprogram your mind and align your energy.

How to Connect To Your Purpose

Once you begin to peel back the layers of what's not you, you can get to the root of who YOU are and WHY you're here. And I'm here to tell you... it's big. You are here to do something only you can do.

How to Live It Out

Whether you want to start a business or not, living in your authenticity and purpose is going to change your life dramatically. And that kind of change requires big guidance and support.

Ways To Work With Me

Sound Healing

In Person + Online

Join me for a sound bath event, book a private 1:1 session with me, or book a sound bath for your group/event/retreat.


Energy Work

In Person + Online

I offer distance reiki sessions, pre-recorded sound baths, intuitive work and more.


Life Coaching

Online Offering

My 1:1 life coaching program offers support, energetic resources and loving guidance.


Intuitive Readings

Online Offering

Using tarot cards, spirit guides, and other intuitive tools... I connect you with the guidance you need.


Business Coaching

Online Offering

My 1:1 spiritual business coaching program will help you technically and energetically.


Retreat Consulting

In Person + Online

Want to run your own retreat someday? Me and my bestie Katie offer retreat consulting to help you!


And did you know...?

I also LOVE to do web design? If you're in the market for a new website, I would be happy to help! Check out my portfolio and let's connect.

Happy Clients


got immediate feedback...

"Your reading resonates with me on such a profound and deep level, and I started to experience some of things you spoke about almost immediately after listening to it."


is hooked on readings...

"My husband and I have booked private sessions and readings with Jen. Each one has been exactly on point and what I/we needed to feel or hear. I’m hooked on Jen and her offerings!"


got guidance to move forward...

"Jen is authentic and honest. She reads the cards that appear without judgment and with intuition. She has given me guidance to move forward and I am so grateful."

Free Resources


Sound Healing for Confidence

Download this FREE sleep track to increase your confidence, while you SLEEP!

Daily Intuition Journal

Free digital download... you can print this journal and use it daily to connect to your intuition!


I see you, bestie. And I'm here to help. Let's make magic together on this Earth! You were born for it.

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