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Making Time For Yourself

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

In an increasingly busy and distracted world, this can be such a challenge. What does it really look like to take time for yourself and why is it so important?

A clock sits next to some plants and a macrame hanging

Do you ever feel completed depleted as you "give give give" to others, and then you start to resent them even thought you LOVE them and you WANT to give to them, but it gets increasingly harder and harder to do so? This post is for you.

First, the WHY.

Taking time to relax and de-stress can mean an improvement in your mood, brain function, and memory. Relaxation will allow your mind and body to repair itself. You'll make better decisions. -

You need, and I mean NEED, to fill your own cup. We've all heard "you can't fill from an empty cup", but then we continue to run on empty and wonder why we end up crying in the pantry when no one is looking.

Think of yourself like a battery that needs to recharge.

And while we all recharge differently, we all NEED to recharge. For some people, that's alone time. A walk in nature. Time with a good book. For other people it's going to a concert or having drinks with friends who light you up. Whatever it may be, if you don't recharge your battery, you're going to continue to feel depleted. Some ways that might show up in your physical experience is being resentful to those around you, or not having energy when you need it most.

Second, the act of taking time for yourself.

To find time for yourself means to set time aside consciously. This time should be meant for you and you alone. -

I get it, you're busy. You barely have time to shower in the morning before getting the kids to school, throwing together a cup of coffee for yourself, working, making dinner, cleaning, responding to emails... etc. But imagine how much EASIER it would be to do all of those things if you were all charged up? If your cup was full?

Even if it is just FIVE MINUTES, find a time in the day where you can schedule "you time". Write it in your planner, make it an appointment you cannot skip. And in that time, maybe you meditate and journa