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Managing Expectations

How to manage your expectations so you can get in the flow and have a happier human experience.

What are expectations, really? And how do our expectations of ourselves and others directly affect our happiness and how we perceive the world around us?

We All Have Expectations

By definition, an expectation is not an agreement between people; instead, expectations are beliefs that a certain outcome or event will happen. - Alli Worthington

We all have expectations. They are instilled in us from the moment we are tiny and the bigger humans are telling us how life should be. We are told what to want, what not to want. They tell us that the world is unfair. We are told who to trust and who to fear. MOST of our expectations are instilled in us subconsciously from other's people perception of the world.

But the #universal truth is this...

Expectations are seen through our own lenses (and often our expectations are about how situations should go and how others should behave), and they often lead to let down and disappointment because you just can NOT expect things out of situations or people that are not in control.

Friendly reminder: the only thing you are in control of is yourself. And letting for of these #expectations will FREE you.

And I'm here to offer a spiritual and intuitive solution.

Practicing observation and non attachment can change you into one who is one with the flow, rather than one who is trying to micro-manage everything around you.

First, how to practice NON-ATTACHMENT:

  • Mantras: When something that happens in your experience that is out of your control, have a mantra handy. Something like “everything happens for my highest good” or “I am ready to embrace whatever change is coming my way.” Say it as many times as you need until you feel your nervous system settle down.