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Channeled Readings

With powerful bonuses.

Do you love getting channeled readings? GOOD! Because that's exactly what I have for you here.

But THIS reading comes with a few extra goodies to help you take your reading further...

What am I talking about?

What if I told you there's TOOLS that could help you not only receive your reading better, but also help you move forward towards a higher version of yourself with the information you receive?

And that your reading will extend long past the time of your session, because you will be able to revisit it, again and again?

Imagine getting MORE out of your reading!


Hi! I'm Jen. I'm an intuitive guide, yoga/meditation teacher and sound healer. And I give soul friends just like you tools to help them heal, connect, and create a more purpose filled life.

Over the years, I've helped countless people connect to their higher selves and intentions. I've hosted retreats, facilitated transformative sound healing containers, and performed hundreds of readings.

I believe everything happens for a reason. And that you're not here by chance. You've landed on THIS page, at THIS time, because you're longing for something. Answers, guidance, and a helping hand from spirit.

And I happen have that helping hand right here for you. Isn't that something you'd like to take action on, right here right now?

WELL, I am so excited to share this Channeled Reading Session with youThis reading will not only give you a deep dive recording with guidance from source, but also TWO meditations to open you to receive and understand, as well as a sound healing to help you integrate and process the messages.

When you book this channeled reading session with me, you get:

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Here's what Janna had to say about her reading:

Let me tell you more about this Channeled Reading!

This session with me includes:

  • A guided meditation to better receive your reading

  • A 45 min(ish) recorded reading, as well as photos of the card spreads I do for you

  • A FULL written reading report, going in depth for each card

  • A guided meditation to understand the information you've received

  • A special sound healing to listen to as you go to sleep to help integrate the information into your experience moving forward

And you get access to all of these recordings for LIFE.

AND... I'm also throwing in my "Sound Healing for Awakening" Sleep Track for FREE... another bonus!

Being a meditation teacher and sound healer, I know how powerful these tools can be when used in conjunction with a channeled and divinely guided reading. And that is why I am SO excited to offer these recordings to you as FREE bonuses that will help your reading take you further!

By now you might be thinking that a reading that offers ALL of this is probably going to be expensive. But you'll get your in depth reading, recorded meditations, integrative sound healing AND the awakening sleep track for just one easy payment of $222.

Reading availability is limited, so book yours today!

So the real question is... is it worth taking a chance and trying it out?

Even if this reading only does HALF of what I claim it will, it will pay for itself with the tools you gain and the clarity you receive. You'll be better equipped for any intuitive work you do moving forward.

So if you're ready, let's do this!

And are you wondering about the benefits of a recorded reading?

  • When you get a recorded reading, you can listen to it as many times as you need. You can take notes, and actually break down what resonates/what you'd like to take action on and what you'd like to save for later.

  • You can make sure you're in a good energetic space to receive and hear your reading.

  • You can come back to the reading after implementing changes and see what other nuggets of wisdom lie in it for you to take action on.

  • And you can hear the messages again and again, as often as you need. Each time they will sound different.

This is more than just a reading!

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Remember, space is super limited, so book today!

Are you ready to book your magical reading experience?


Have questions first? I'm here to help!

Thanks for submitting!

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