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A little nerdy, a LOT of woo-woo.

I am a bit of a tech nerd, with the ability to help you figure out the vast world of online and in person spiritual business. But more than that, I am a LOT of WOO. I love to chant, burn incense, sound bathe, do spells and rituals and connect to the Divine.

I truly believe we were not created for cubicles. We did not incarnate here to fit into a society that tells us what to want and how to behave. We came here with a mission. We're not here to just pay bills and die.

Part of my mission is to help you uncover this truth for yourself!


I used to subscribe to fitting into all the boxes. I wanted what I was told to want, and believed what I was told to be the "truth". And what I've discovered is that the only truth... is love. What is most wanting to be expressed by you is pure love in YOUR unique and divine expression.

My superpower is teaching you the tools to break the spell you've been put under. I get you in touch with your TRUE essence, so you can sift through the bullshit and start to live out the life you came here to live.

I'm not saying I have all the answers. (If someone tells you they do... they're lying). I am on this ever unfolding journey, same as you. But I AM saying that each day and each experience reveals to me an opportunity to sift through it all... and I feel the pull and calling to be a guide for others.

I have learned tools. I have created a magical space for myself in this world. If my message resonates with you, then I may be a guide for you to do the same. Whatever is in your heart, let's manifest it into this collective reality. YOU have something very important to share.

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My Favorite Things

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"Jen is so helpful and patient. I feel as though I've manifested her coaching! I couldn't have asked for a better spiritual business coach."

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I see you, bestie. And I'm here to help. Let's make magic together on this Earth! You were born for it.

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