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Transform Your Soul Purpose into an Aligned & Abundant Business

You are here for a reason... and it's about time you fully stepped into your purpose to create the impact you came to Earth to create!

Hey there, beautiful soul and healer!

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  • You want to ditch your current joyless job

  • You want create an IMPACTFUL and ABUNDANT business

  • You want to embody your purpose and feel free to be YOU

But right now...

  • You have no idea where to start

  • You're overwhelmed by the process and the steps

  • You're afraid to take the leap and worried what others will think

And let me guess, you've already tried:

  • Googling it and doing it on your own

  • Putting out your offers haphazardly on social media

  • Quitting your job (only to go back not long after)

But What If It Didn't Have To

IntuitiveJen (3).png


  • Creating a soul aligned business that HELPS people

  • Being in the flow of divine abundance

  • Ditching the life that drains you of your joy and happiness

All while knowing you're living your life to it's fullest extend and fulfilling your amazing purpose here on this Earth!


Well, soul friend... 

You're in the RIGHT place.

Your desires were not given to you by chance, and they were not given to you to torture you with dreams of things you cannot have. They were, in fact, bestowed upon you because they are what you CAME TO EARTH TO DO. You, and only you, have a unique perspective on the very thing you brought here to give to the collective. You are a healer. You are a lightworker. You are meant for so much more... and you're about to create it.


Spiritual Business Coaching

... my signature coaching program to help soul led entrepreneurs create an abundant healing business with joy and ease.


  • We get together one on one for an hour each week of coaching and you get recorded energy healings

  • I lovingly walk you through how to create all the systems you need to have a thriving business

  • I teach you how to connect to your soul's PURPOSE so that you can shine and do what you came to Earth to do!


  • How to create all of the systems you need to run a successful online or in person biz

  • How to get clear on what you're here to create and how to communicate it authentically to your soul aligned audience

  • How to let go of the structures and energetic blocks that are holding you back

Meet Your Guides.png

“I feel like Jen could give me more guidance and care than a regular business coach. She helped create amazing magic in my business.”


  • 12 Weeks of 1 hour x week coaching calls ($3000 value)

  • Unlimited voice and email support ($500 value)

  • Energy alignment recordings and meditations ($111 value)

  • Spirit biz worksheets ($44 value)

  • My eyes on your business, every step of the way

Total Program Value: $3655

Your Investment: $2777 or 3 payments of $950

The Aligned and Abundant program will teach you how to create your soul-led business with joy and ease...

But because I want to be super sure that you succeed,
I am throwing in TWO extra coaching calls for FREE.

That's a $500 value added to your coaching package!

  • You want to heal others and create massive impact in the world

  • You desire more freedom and flow in your life

  • You know there's more to this life than what's been presented to us

  • You've never run a business before and have no idea what you're doing

  • You still struggle with what exactly it is you want to do

  • You're afraid to fully put yourself out there

But don't just take my word for it! Here's what my clients are saying...

new Logo idea.png

needed help getting more clients...

"Jen coached me on how to run e-mail marketing campaigns and I am grateful for her intuitive expertise"

Sheri is a colon hydrotherapist who was wanting more clients and revenue in her healing business. We worked together to help her get booked more often, and on automating the process so she could do more of what she's best at.


continues to work with me...

"I love working with you so much! I have been getting so many compliments and it completely aligns with my vision."

Priti and I continue to work together as new projects come up in her business. I am with her every step of the way so she never has to wonder what to do next, or do hours of endless research on Google.


has big visions and dreams...

"I knew immediately Jen was the coach for me. Her vibe was exactly what I've been looking for."

Amanda has big dreams of running healing retreats in Puerto Rico and collaborating with a variety of different healers. She and I are working together to make that vision a reality, and have already made huge strides.

Oh... and I'm Jen!

Let me officially introduce myself! I am a spiritual business and life coach, certified sound healer and yoga teacher, energy healer, and intuitive guide.

I am also the COO of a 6 figure psychic business, and co-creator of a successful soulpreneur graphic design company.

I am a truth seeker who is very passionate about what lies beyond the reality that we are fed. And I believe that healing entrepreneurs can heal the world.


I'm a lot like you!

I am here to help heal others, and have a deep investment in healing the collective and doing what I can to ease the pain in this crazy world we live in.

I also used to be lost in business. I had no idea HOW to put myself out there in a way that really felt like ME.

I often felt lost and unsure of myself, and wanted to give up more times than I can count.

But then... I changed my approach. Yes, you want to use Earthly marketing strategies and techniques... but you also want to be energetically aligned with WHAT you're marketing.

And I can teach you how to do BOTH.

A guarantee...

My promise to you.

While I cannot do the work for you, I promise to hold your business and soul purpose up to the standards and work that I hold my own. I will be here for you EVERY step of the way, and I will show up fully and prepared for every call and every single thing we do together.

Due to the nature of this work, I do not offer refunds. But I can promise that I will hold your hand and help you create everything I have offered here today.

Image by Maryna Kazmirova

In case you’re one of those people (like me 🙃) who just skips to the end of the page.

The “Aligned and Abundant” program is my signature spiritual business coaching program that will guide you to create the healing/spiritual business you've always wanted.

It’s a simple, yet powerful approach that will TRANSFORM you into the AUTHENTIC spiritual change maker you desire to be!


The Aligned and Abundant coaching program has everything you need to run a successful healing business:


  • Hands on help creating all of the systems so your business can run... successfully!

  • Healing and energetic alignment to move past the bullshit and blocks that are in your way

  • Heart centered business strategies and authenticity building exercises!

You're getting $3655 worth of value for just $2777 (or 3 payments of $950)

I want you to get transformational results. I’m committed to showing up for you. The question is, are you committed to showing up for yourself?


“Jen is a smart cookie. If you want you spiritual business to be a success... you want to work with Jen. You won't regret it.


Image by Sincerely Media

Book Your FREE Discovery Call

Three months from now your life can look completely different. You can have the life you've always wanted.

I am living proof this is possible for you, and I’ll be right beside you every step of the way. The ball is in your court. Are you ready?

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