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Website Portfolio

Gabrielle Marangi Yoga

Gabrielle is a yoga teacher, kirtan facilitator and ayurvedic guide who wanted a website that captured her loving spirit.


Sierra Colon Hydrotherapy

Sheri Kite owns a successful colon hydrotherapy clinic in Reno, and she wanted a face lift for her business' website!


The Spirit Medium Storyteller

Linda Fisher is a spirit medium who delivers messages through storytelling. She and I got together and completely revamped her website.


Priti Insight

Priti is a tarot reader and manifestation coach who needed a new website to really show her personality to her clients.


Healing With Soleil

Heather is a therapist, kundalini yoga teacher and family constellations healer who needed a new website to expand her business.


Skincare By Catherine

Catherine is an aesthetician who wanted a fresh new look for her social media and online presence. We did a complete rebrand.


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