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Clarity Reading

This reading is perfect for you if you'd like some quick tarot guidance for something going on in your spiritual business, spiritual growth, or personal development journey. Ask anything you'd like and get intuitive answers!

$22.22 - Book Now

Do you need some clarity?

Sometimes, we need a little guidance and assistance when it comes to the things we are creating in our lives. We are so IN and involved in our day to day existence, that it is often helpful to have a guide or intuitive zoom out and give us insight into the bigger picture.

I specialize in spiritual business, spiritual growth and personal development. (But I can answer any questions). My readings can be described as heart centered (from a 5D perspective) with a little side of spiritual coaching. 

If you have a quick question that needs a quick and helpful answer... this email reading is perfect for that! I will do a card reading, look into your specific question(s) and focus on the truth of the situation, let you know what you need to know most, and offer aligned action steps to help you get to where you want to go. These readings have a 7 day turnaround, so be sure to choose the earliest available time to get your reading sooner.

Be as detailed as possible when you book! I can't wait to do this reading for you. 

Have questions?

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