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Intuitive Coaching Session

This is a mix between a reading and a coaching session. Get the best of both worlds with this intuitive coaching session! Ask any questions you have. Spiritual business and spiritual development are my specialties, but I can answer anything!

$222.22 - Book Now

Looking for some intuitive guidance?

In these intuitive coaching sessions you can expect to:

  • Dive into your questions and the deeper stories behind them

  • Receive a reading and active coaching during our call together

  • Leave the session with clear ideas and actions to support you moving forward

I specialize in spiritual business, spiritual growth and personal development. (But I can answer any questions.) My readings can be described as heart centered (from a 5D perspective) with a little side of spiritual coaching. 

If you're needing some hands on support and guidance from Spirit, this PHONE reading is perfect for that! I will do a couple card spreads, check in with spirit guides, and look into your specific question(s) and focus on what I see for the coming year, let you know what you need to know most, and offer aligned action steps to help you get to where you want to go. Please choose the time that works best for you! If you are interested in buying multiple sessions at a discount, you can email me at

Be as detailed as possible when you book! I can't wait to do this intuitive coaching session with you.

Have questions?

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