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Heart Centered Healing 

Because you are a being of divine love and light, and everything else is just a lie. Come back to who you REALLY are... and leave the rest behind.

Hey there, beautiful soul! I see you...

IntuitiveJen (2).png
  • You want more connection and meaning in your life

  • You want to let go of old shit that's not working for you

  • You crave balance and peace in ALL areas of your life

But right now...

  • You feel depleted and ungrounded

  • You can't seem to stop replaying the same patterns

  • When one area goes well, all others seem to fall apart

And let me guess, you've already tried:

  • Reading countless self help books

  • Meditation and journaling

  • Hours of traditional therapy

But What If It Didn't Have To

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  • Waking up each day, excited for what's to come

  • Quitting the stress and drama of old patterns and stories

  • Feeling a sense of deep love and connection with yourself

All while having balance and peace in ALL areas of your life.


Well, my love... 

You're in the RIGHT place.

Almost all of our struggles are created right between our ears. Everything that we experience is often a mirror of the inner turmoil we create for ourselves, based on what has happened to us in the past. Rather than letting go of our trauma, we allow it to drive the bus in the forward motion that is our lives. But I am here to give you the tools to let ALLLLL of that go. What happened to you is not your fault, but healing is your responsibility. And I am here to help.

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Spiritual Life Coaching

... my signature life coaching program for people who want peace and balance in all areas of their life, and who want to ditch the old patterns, once and for all.


  • We get together one on one for 30 minutes each week, and you receive recorded meditations and sound baths for healing

  • I give you tools, exercises and homework to help you reprogram your mind and how you approach life

  • I hold your hand as your heart centered guide while you process and release everything that is binding you


  • How to create new patterns and pathways so you can stop repeating old patterns

  • How to love yourself more deeply and connect more fully to you and to the Divine (whatever that looks like for you)

  • How to forgiveness and flow will change your life, and the steps to begin that practice


"Everyone has always seen me as an acorn, a seed, but Jen has always seen me as the oak tree, the final result. She truly listens and gives me great perspective shifts when I can’t see the bigger picture."


  • 12 Weeks of  30 minute x week coaching calls ($1500 value)

  • Unlimited voice and email support ($500 value)

  • Healing/alignment recordings and meditations ($111 value)

  • Heart Centered Healing workbook ($44 value)

  • Me holding space for you, every step of the way

Total Program Value: $2155

Your Investment: $1500 or 3 payments of $555

The Heart Centered Healing program will show you how to live your life in peace and flow...

But because I want to be super sure you feel SO supported,
I am throwing in TWO coaching calls for FREE.

That's a $222 value added to your coaching package!

  • You're tired of repeating the same patterns and want to let that shit go

  • You're ready to find more spiritual connection in your life

  • You want to love yourself and the reality you wake up to each day

  • You struggle with anger and frustration at the past

  • You have a really hard time loving yourself

  • You aren't sure what spiritual connection even means

Here's what my clients are saying...


and I worked together to heal...

"I swear I think I knew you in another life. You have been so crucial to my healing journey. I am so excited to move forward. Thank you thank you.

new Logo idea (2).png

connected with her soul again...

"You, my dear, are now a rod in my life spiral. Thank you for your heart and holding space for me on my healing journey. I am so grateful."

new Logo idea (3).png

got spiritual insight and direction...

"You are truly amazing! All of your guidance and insight has truly helped me transform. Thanks for being a light in my life."

Oh... and I'm Jen!

Let me officially introduce myself! I am a spiritual business and life coach, certified sound healer and yoga teacher, energy healer, and intuitive guide.

I am the COO of a 6 figure psychic business, and co-creator of a successful soulpreneur graphic design company.

I also have a very traumatized inner child who has needed all of my love, care, and reparenting for the past few decades.


My story looks a lot like yours.

I used to keep repeating the same old stories in my life, even though I KNEW they were making me miserable.

I kept using the same vices to check myself out, because I had NO Idea how to break out of this life that was seemingly happening to me.

What did I do to deserve this?

But then... a healer entered my life. And from that point on I began to learn how to be with myself, love myself, and find peace and balance in every area of my reality.

And I can teach you how to do the SAME.

A guarantee...

My promise to you.

While I cannot do the work for you, I promise to hold you up with the same love and care I have held myself in as I've done this work. I will be here for you EVERY step of the way, and I will show up fully and prepared for every call and every single thing we do together.

Due to the nature of this work, I do not offer refunds. But I can promise that I will hold your hand and help you have everything I offered here today.


In case you’re one of those people (like me 🙃) who just skips to the end of the page.

The “Heart Centered Healing” program is my signature spiritual life coaching program that will guide you directly into the peaceful and loving life you desire.

It’s a simple, yet powerful approach that will TRANSFORM you into the LOVING and healing person you want to be!


The Heart Centered Healing life coaching program has everything you need to heal what ails you:


  • Hands on coaching to hold space while you process whatever is in your way

  • Healing and energetic alignment to move past the bullshit and old stories

  • Thought reprogramming so you can take control and drive the bus... right into the future you want!

You're getting $2155 worth of value for just $1500 (or 3 payments of $555)

I want you to get transformational results. I’m committed to showing up for you. The question is, are you committed to showing up for yourself?


"Thank you again for the coaching, as my work on self continues I will definitely utilize your gifts again. You are a light in this world."


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Book Your FREE Discovery Call

Three months from now your life can look completely different. You can have the life you've always wanted.

I am living proof this is possible for you, and I’ll be right beside you every step of the way. The ball is in your court. Are you ready to change your life?

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