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Force vs. Flow… a New Earth approach to soul purpose, business, and healing.

Updated: May 21

The past few years have been incredibly illuminating. Have you felt it, too? Is your soul purpose showing?

I imagine you have. It’s as though the thick veil of illusion that has been draped over us for a long time is lifting. And with that has come what feels like chaos and upheaval. But I am here to offer a different perspective (and a connection to your soul purpose).

A person looking up into the magical sky

The awakening of soul purpose and translation into spiritual business.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely open to the idea that something bigger is going on. The concept that there is much more to this transition than we are seeing on a three-dimensional level. I would like to share a little bit about what I’ve learned over the last few years, and how it’s leading me to heal differently and guide in a whole new way. I hope it ignites inspired action within you as well. 

When everything started in 2020, I felt a period of confusion, anger, and fear. I became incredibly vocal when I normally would have been meek, and as the chaos unraveled, I went through several seasons of grief, loss, and understanding. I wasn’t who I thought I was. Everything I had been raised to believe was turned upside down. The world as I knew it wasn’t real.

During this time, some amazing things happened. I lost a lot of friends, but as it turned out, that was a gentle nudge from the Universe to take a different path. I got sober after decades of a very complicated relationship with alcohol. I became connected to a new community that could see the changes in the world from a zoomed-out place… and ultimately I was challenged to put my beliefs and tendencies under a microscope and examine them. 

Sometimes, the Universe puts us exactly where we need to be so we can let go of the programming and uncover our soul purpose.

When your belief system and instilled programming are challenged, it can be devastating. Suddenly the shows you used to watch hold a different meaning (I personally cannot watch TV anymore), the pop culture you grew up with leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, and you start to ask yourself “Is everything a lie?” 

To which I would like to respond that yes, it is. Everything IS a lie. And it’s OK!

Is it appropriate to put a disclaimer in the middle of a blog? I’ll go ahead and pop this in right here. Disclaimer: “Everything is a lie” is clearly my opinion, and one of the biggest lessons I learned over the past few years is that everyone has their own individual experience, and everyone’s experience is valid and important. I have no desire to push my beliefs onto others, just as I hope they will extend that same kindness to me. So I believe everything is a lie, and I find that pretty exciting actually. Because it leaves a magical blank slate for the creation of New Earth. So let’s get into the fun stuff.

The universe

The soul purpose and spiritual business "a-ha" moments.

My first a-ha during all of this was the lie of the 9-5 workday, cubicle “security-based” lifestyle. I know this isn’t new and groundbreaking, but hear me out. I’ve known for a LONG time that the false sense of security a muggle job offers is crap… I was raised by an entrepreneur who left his 6 figure steady job to start a printing business in our garage. He is still in business 25 years later. 

But the realization I had during all of the chaos is WHAT humanity is missing out on when we choose security over what is begging to be expressed from our souls.

We all came here with a specific mission and soul purpose, with a unique set of talents that only we possess. And when we stifle that by conforming to society’s idea of happiness, the collective is deprived of the magical healing we came here to do. 

The structure of the expected work life is a control mechanism to stop those gifts from being expressed and to ultimately block the creation of the peaceful loving world we all desperately want to live in. This is something the chaos of the past few years brought to the surface. And I am not the only one who’s seeing it.

The spiritual business and soul purpose "great awakening".

How many people have you heard about who, after being sent home from their job for extended periods for emergency reasons, decided to do the passion project they had never had time for and tossed up an Etsy shop, never to return to work? If you didn’t personally hear these stories, there are a LOT of them!

When the shackles of the secure job were forcefully removed, humanity had an opportunity to listen to the whispers (maybe the screams) of their souls. And now we have an abundance of humans expressing their unique gifts. (If you’re not one yet but you want to be, I’ll get to that soon. You too have a soul purpose and mission on this planet.)

Spiritual business entrepreneurs and stepping into our soul purpose is the answer.

The idea that soul-preneurship is the antidote to our screwed-up world began to show itself to me. This is not to say that you cannot express your soul’s purpose through a job… not everyone has the desire to be a CEO. But the jobs we take out of necessity, or because it’s the “sensible thing to do”, are the ones that slowly beat our purpose right out of us. 

The next a-ha I had during this time was about our masculine tendencies when it comes to work and business. As grateful as I am to have been raised under such a powerhouse of manifestation like my father, I also developed that “work myself into the ground” programming and as a result, was almost always exhausted. A self-proclaimed workaholic, I would work myself to a breakdown, have said breakdown and take time off out of necessity for my mental health, and do it all over again. 

But we also need to rewrite how we approach spiritual business.

Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to dive more into my Human Design, astrology, enneagram… you name it. And if you’re at all into Human Design then you’ll know as a Projector, the workaholic program I’ve been running is NOT for me. That’s one tape I am still in the process of rewriting.

(Curious what your human design is? You can find your free chart here.)

Do we need to take action to make ourselves known as healers and guides in this 3D reality? Yes! But does it need to be the exhausting force we’ve been using for so long? Absolutely not.

Soul purpose goes much deeper than the workings of the Matrix and being a slave to the algorithm.

Person sitting under the stars

My next two "a-ha" moments with spiritual business and soul purpose.

A-ha #2 had a lot to do with recognizing that we are all energy, and we have deviated so far from behaving as energetic beings that things often feel challenging and tough when they should actually flow. It invited into my space the idea of “aligned action”. This brings me to my favorite a-ha of the past few years…

A-ha #3 begins with a channeled message, or as I like to call it, a “download”. I am a little psychic (we are ALL psychic) and my main psychic gifts include clairsentience (psychic feeling) and clairaudience (psychic hearing). I was in my woo-woo meditation space one day when I heard that I needed to buy a full set of crystal singing bowls. I had played a bowl a few times at the end of my yoga classes before, but never had I been in front of a full set or facilitated sound healing. I had only ever been to ONE sound healing. My first response was “I don’t think I can afford that”. My second response was “I have no idea how to even DO that.” So I sat on it for a while, and didn’t take any action. 

After hearing the message multiple times, I decided to finally look into getting myself some bowls. The investment was all of the money I had. I took the leap, secured a space to begin hosting sound healings, and showed up for my first sound bath. My first event sold out, and I had only practiced the bowls for maybe 15 minutes before showing up. My boyfriend told me to just own it and act like I had done it a million times, so that’s what I did. Everyone loved it.

A few sound baths later, the crystal singing bowls had paid for themselves. 

Over a year later, I have facilitated sound baths all over my city, held space at retreats, done private sound baths, created online sound offerings, and tripled my inventory of sound healing instruments. And now, I am incorporating my gift of singing and chanting into my offerings.

And I know without a doubt, this is a big part of what my soul purpose is.

Crystal singing bowls

Spiritual business and entrepreneurship in the online space.

The other thing that came about during these last few years was my fierce desire to build and understand online business. Without too much backstory, I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my adult life, and in the online space for years. I’ve learned a LOT about how to build presence and authority when creating a soul purpose led spiritual business. I connected with another amazing entrepreneur (the magical Tana Newberry) whom I met at a Mama Mermaid retreat, and she and I have been coaching spiritual business owners together. The other part of my purpose is to guide healers into their fullest expression so we can build this New Earth. It’s not a solo mission… It is a collective effort.

Now maybe you’re wondering… how can all of this help YOU? 

I am a spiritual business coach, so I tend to help people find that fire within them and turn it into an abundant offering full of soul purpose for humanity. But not everyone wants or is ready for that, so I’d like to start with personal healing first.

Woman with two hands over her heart

How personal healing helps lead you closer to your soul purpose and makes the world a better place.

Personal healing is one of the biggest gifts you can offer the collective, after all.

The New Earth approach to healing is this: ask yourself, does it flow? Even in the woo-woo communities, I think we’re just trying too damned hard. Everything seems to be about micromanaging your every manifestation, healing every tiny little thing to the point of draining all joy from life and hyper-focusing on how to call in POSITIVE ENERGY ALL THE TIME. We’re human. We’re souls having a human experience. We’re meant to have dualistic experiences and to be messy. If it feels resistant, that’s because it probably is. Try moving into a more feminine energy and see if you can have more fun. See if you can release the things that feel difficult, and focus on the things that feel easy. I know that it is much easier said than done.

We’ve been using the masculine way for a LONG time. But leaning into the feminine will help call in the peaceful Earth we’re in the process of manifesting. 

Now, when it comes to your soul purpose… maybe that’s not a spiritual business. Maybe it is in how you raise your children, or charity work that you do, or a message you’re bringing to the online space. Again, ask yourself if it flows. Depending on what it is, of course, challenges will arise, but you can release the resistance by flowing with rather than pushing against what comes up. When we put ourselves in a place of flow, we open up to answers we didn’t hear before because we were so focused on how things “should” be. I believe that FLOW is the answer. 

Alright, let’s finish with my favorite topic: spiritual business and soul purpose.

Are there systems and marketing techniques that are needed? Yes. But also a little bit no. (I should have warned you ahead of time that I am an Aquarius!) You can build the website and the social media platforms, set up the email automations, create the sales funnels, make the pretty graphics, and build your audience and authority (all things I can help with, btw). BUT! This New Earth approach requires you to be NEW and authentic. There is something you came here to do that only YOU can. Try not to fall into the comparison trap and focus on what others are doing and copying their content because you feel like it will “get results”. Successful soul-purpose entrepreneurship is as much about alignment as it is about systems. The people who want to work with you will KNOW if you’re pushing in a way that isn’t authentic, and you’ll push them right out of your space. 

My advice? Know your energy types. Human Design is my favorite for business, but check out whatever resonates with you the most. Study it a little and learn how your specific energy type is meant to communicate and do business. (For example, in my Human Design chart I have a defined heart, throat, third eye, and crown center… and I am very clearly meant to SPEAK and sing and express with my voice… so my content creation centers around just talking into the camera). That may not be you.

Another helpful thing would be to define what consistency means for YOU. Don’t challenge yourself to 30 days of reels on Instagram if that feels like prison right from the get-go.

Again with Human Design, I have an undefined will center, so showing up exactly the same every day is challenging for me. For me, consistency can often mean “more frequently as I see fit”, and that works for me. You may have a more structured energy type, so do what works for you. And get help on the things that are challenging so you can lean into the things you’re good at.

Life is supposed to be FUN. Having fun will connect you to your soul purpose and help you in your spiritual business.

The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to have more FUN. The vibration of fun and joy will assist you in creating from your soul, and keep you from feeling bogged down and stressed. If you do feel stressed, take a break. Walk away from it. Your soul purpose isn’t going anywhere, and you CANNOT fuck it up. Spend enough time with yourself so you can actively listen to how your inner voice is guiding you. The world needs what you have. Give yourself the proper space to align and express it.

Thank you so much for reading this, and for being on Earth at this time. It is a magical time to be alive, and I am so grateful I get to share it with you. Let’s usher in New Earth. 

Ready to shine your light into the world and live out your soul purpose? Book a free discovery call with me and let's make magic happen!

This article is one that was published in a physical magazine (OMG!)... which you can check out here.

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