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How to start a spiritual business

How to start a spiritual business: advice from a spiritual business coach.

Are you a spiritual person? Have you been on a healing journey? Or do you love to do tarot readings and reiki for others? If so, you may be wondering if it is possible to create a meaningful business sharing these gifts and resources with others. Though many who are spiritual believe in giving to others, they sometimes feel uncomfortable with the idea of being compensated for their time. Starting a spiritual business can be a great way to align your life and passion with your career and financial well-being. But how do you start a spiritual business?

In this blog, I will give you a "how to" for turning your spiritual passion into profit and purpose. There is no one way to build a spiritual business online or even for a brick and mortar. Using your intuition will serve you well as you build the foundations for your spiritual business.

Most (if not all) successful businesses have had some kind of help or coaching along the way. Have a look at my spiritual business coaching package and see if it resonates with you. Now, onto the blog!

What Is A Spiritual Business?

When you are considering starting a new spiritually based business, you may be asking yourself "what exactly does that mean?" There is no one way to present your spiritual offerings, so you do not have to fall into the idea that you must do what everyone else is doing. For example, I was recently at a sound healing certification workshop, and a few of the women were there so they could offer sound baths during their facials. I would have never thought of that!

A spiritual business is any business that provides spiritual growth services or holistic solutions. When beginning your spiritual business, it is critical that you feel passionate and aligned with what you're wanting to offer. It will be nearly impossible to serve others and build your spiritual business if you do not feel connected to the business itself. For many soul led entrepreneurs, this is a process. It takes time. Please remember that failure is a part of of this process, and often part of the building blocks to success. Failures teach you what isn't working and allow you to look into new methods and ways of doing things. So give yourself time and permission to explore what spiritual business you truly want to create and who you really want to serve and help.

Some spiritual business examples:

  • Spiritual life coaching

  • Holistic nutritionist or health practitioner

  • Spiritual interior design and décor services (like feng shui)

  • Doula and birthing services

  • Spiritual health services

  • Meditation coaching services

  • Psychic and intuitive services

  • Tarot readers

  • Channeling and light language

  • Mediumship

  • Reiki and Energy Healing

  • Astrology and numerology services

  • Yoga instruction

  • Crystal or jewelry design

  • Candles or aromatherapy services

Create what YOU want to create. Be very mindful to not fall into the trap of trying to do what others are doing for the sake of the income. You have something within you that only YOU can create. Your spiritual business is unique. You can create a unique combination (like the sound healing aestheticians I mentioned earlier). Define a spiritual business for yourself and do not feel confined to doing what has already done before. Tune into what this means for you and shine in all aspects of your new spiritual business!

How Do You Build A Spiritual Business?

Building your spiritual business is a process that will ALWAYS be evolving. So it's very important that you're connected to your purpose... because you're likely never going to "arrive". It will sometimes take a deep desire to create the light you want to see in the world to keep you going when things get hairy. These tips below can be revisited multiple times over the life of your business.

  1. Connect with what success means to YOU – when it comes to starting your spiritual business, be very clear on what you want to offer the world and what you desire to receive in exchange. It would be a powerful exercise in manifesting the success you desire to write down EXACTLY what success looks like for you. How many people do you want to help per day? Do you want to travel? How much would you like to make? What does your ideal day look like? Finding clarity in what success means TO YOU will help you in show up authentically and stay aligned with your vision of success.

  2. Treat it like a JOB – Because now it IS your job. Your next step is to show up and do the work consistently. I know this can be challenging if you're still working another job to support yourself while you create this new business, so you'll need to be disciplined with your time and make sure you show up in some capacity at least 5 days a week. Get clear on what you need to do. Do you need to build a website? Create a social media presence? Start networking and meeting people you think would need your services? Come up with a game plan for how you're going to show up weekly to make this happen.

  3. Connect with your community – when you own a spiritual business, your gifts may not be for everyone. This is a good thing! You'll have a very clear niche and the people who want what you have will find you... but you're going to need to put yourself out there! See how you can serve and connect with your community. You can offer your services at local studios as workshops, create workshops online and advertise them on EventBrite and Meetup, you can chat with people you meet at coffee shops... etc. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there! Make sure your passion is stronger than your fear of people rejecting you. (If you don't feel that way, or you still feel fear when putting yourself out there... connect with your WHY. WHY does the world need what you have to offer?) The more you lean into serving who you were made to serve, the more you will attract. Discover who you were made to serve and be committed to making these people your priority. Your business should reflect who you are, and your clients will seek you out when you show up authentically.

  4. Embrace failures and mistakes – your path to success as a spiritual business owner will include failure, it's like your initiation into entrepreneurship! You will make mistakes. Not everyone will resonate with your message. It won’t always feel good, but that doesn’t have to stop you from finding the thing that lights you up. Failures have something to teach you. So don't be hard on yourself... think of everything as a science experiment and move on! Collect data and create new ways to do things. One of my favorite quotes on this is from my dear friend Tana Newberry... "Persistence doesn't recognize failure." As long as you don't give up and you let your failures teach you, you WILL make it.

  5. Be willing to grow and evolve – as you build your spiritual business, it is important to revisit and reflect on what your business means to you, who it is serving, and how it aligns with who you are (and who you're becoming). Your business is going to evolve as you evolve, so don't feel like you need to be married to your original idea. You can go with the flow on this, and you should! Rigidity will not help you here. Don't be afraid to redo your website, your offers, or add new modalities. This will allow you to feel full of purpose and live your best life as a spiritual business owner.

How To Market Your Spiritual Business

Once you have created your vision for your spiritual business and feel confident and excited about what you're going to offer, it's time to put yourself out there and market your spiritual business and attract the humans you can't wait to help. Here's some tips:

  1. Do YOU – when it comes to marketing YOUR spiritual business, you don’t have to be like everyone else. In fact, it will help you stand out to connect with who is searching for you if you can add your authentic self to it. You are in control of your business and by doing it your way, you will feel more aligned and connected. If you don't dig social media, you don't HAVE to do it. There are other ways to market yourself. You can focus on SEO and ads, you can create email campaigns, you can pitch yourself in person. If you do like social media, but only one particular platform (my favorite is Instagram), then do the one you resonate with most and pour your heart into it! You'll get a better response if you're connected and doing the one you like the most than if you're trying to do everything all the time because everyone else is doing it.

  2. Connect with Aligned Businesses – the power of connection is important when it comes to running your spiritual business. Connecting with other spiritual businesses that align with your mission is powerful! Pitch yourself to a podcast, offer to write someone an article, or offer your expertise live on someone else's Instagram. People that you align with likely have your soul aligned client following THEM, so they will likely follow you! It's not competition. There is no "competition" in this field. Most spiritual entrepreneurs understand that the Universe is infinite and there's enough for all of us. You have some unique that no one else does. Connect and share and collaborate... it will work wonders for your spiritual business!

  3. Show Up Authentically – when you are creating a brand it is important to be yourself. It is very possible, depending on what kind of spiritual business you're creating, that YOU are your brand. So be YOU! Be authentic. And stay deeply connected to your purpose to keep fear at bay. Let go of anything you think your brand and spiritual business "should" be, and that the content you share needs to look like what others are doing. Tune into what makes you unique and showcase that. People will be like "where have they BEEN all my life?!" Seriously.

  4. Get Help – Yes! You can do this on your own. BUT... you are likely an expert at whatever it is you do. Whether it's teaching yoga, or healing people with reiki... you've probably been spending all of your time honing your skills. And you're probably not a web designer or a marketing expert! And while you can learn... is that what you want to be spending your time doing? Try to outsource anything that doesn't light you up. (You can find very affordable virtual assistant help on Fiverr.) If money is a concern, triage the most important things and chip away at them as you can. Maybe begin with getting website help, and then hiring a photographer, and then getting a VA (virtual assistant) to help you with your social media presence. There is so much help out there!

Whether you're a brand new business owner, or you just want to take your business in a more spiritual or "woo woo" direction, ask for help! Reach out to your circle and support around you. Make sure that you have people in your life who want to see you succeed. If you don't, go to some local or online entrepreneur groups and you will certainly find some.

If you're looking for a spiritual business BFF and someone to be your biggest cheerleader, let's chat about working together! I would love to make your spiritual business dreams come true. Book a free discovery call with me here.

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