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What is Intuitive/Spiritual Life Coaching?

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Life coaching can feel like a huge thing, possibly a daunting leap. Some people think working with a life coach means that their life will be planned out, step by step. This is not usually the case...especially when it comes to working with spiritual and intuitive life coaches. The ultimate goal of an intuitive/spiritual life coach is to connect their client to the wisdom and healing they already have within them, so that they may plan their life on their terms and in line with their truest desires and essence.

Woman holding intuitive evil eye in the forest.

What does it mean when a person is intuitive?

This can be a challenging topic to approach, because intuition by nature is hard to define. An intuitive person is sometimes referred to as a psychic, or channel (among other words). Intuitive people have a heightened awareness of people and things happening around them. They can use this awareness or intuition to gain insight on many things; including people's emotions and mental health, the state of the world around them, or even things that appear to be "unseen". When someone is more connected to their intuition (we are all intuitive, some people just nurture this quality more than others), they have a stronger “gut feeling” than most people and can tap into this and help themselves and others in different ways than we might be used to in our society as it is today.

What does an intuitive/spiritual life coach do?

An intuitive life coach, or spiritual life coach, is someone who uses their gifts and abilities as an intuitively connected person to guide others on their life journey. Life coaching is a great healing modality that can help you if you're feeling stuck in life, struggling with anxiety or depression, or are not happy with the way your life is unfolding. It is also very helpful to have someone outside of your inner circle to give you guidance, so that you don't feel the frenzy of everyone's opinion around you. Working with an intuitive life coach and/or spiritual life coach can give you the path you need to move forward in your life in a new and positive way.

Intuitive/spiritual life coaches will often learn details about the client’s life, and read the energy of the client. Energy is a tricky thing... and there are a lot of factors in our lives that affect our energy. An intuitive life coach can help you figure out what has your energy out of whack (and thus what is throwing your life out of balance), and give you guidance and steps to heal and fix it. An intuitive coach can also give you daily practices to keep your energy where you want it to be.

While many life coaches may be focused on a specific path for your life, coaches who work with intuitive life coaching will typically take a different approach. Spiritual and intuitive life coaching is more of a tool box... providing practices and awareness exercises that will help you move forward from where you're stuck and handle life in a new and more positive way.

What will it be like to work with an intuitive/spiritual life coach?

Each session and person is different, as an intuitive life coach will use different techniques and lean on their intuition in a variety of ways in order to connect with the client’s mind, body, and soul. Working with an intuitive does not mean they will be able to tell you the future, or that they will be telling you exactly what to do. But rather, their intuition will help both of you zoom out to see the bigger picture, and you can decide together what steps to take to move forward.

The biggest goal of spiritual and intuitive life coaching is to help YOU connect with the answers that you already have. A spiritual life coach (like myself) simply wants to hold space and empower you as travel on this journey called life. Want to learn more about my sessions? Click here.

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