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Spiritual Coaches vs. Business Coaches: What's the Story?

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

So, you're on the hunt for a business coach to help you level up in life and business, but you're not sure whether to go the spiritual route or stick with a trusty business coach. No worries, my friend! Let's break down the key differences between these two coaching worlds in a more laid-back, easy-to-understand way.

Goals, Goals, Goals: 🎯

Business coaches are all about those concrete, measurable goals. They're the folks who help you climb the career ladder, boost profits, or become the best boss ever. It's like they have a "KPIs and spreadsheets" tattoo on their foreheads!

Spiritual coaches, though, they're all about the inner game. Think soul-searching, self-discovery, and finding your purpose. They're not into the corporate hustle; they're more into the "finding your Zen" kind of vibe. It's about flow.

Mix those two together and you have a Spiritual Business Coach! This is where abundant and financial success intersects with soul purpose and massive world impact.

Areas of Expertise: 🧙‍♂️

Business coaches are often business wizards. Many of them have degrees in management, marketing, or finance, and they're here to drop some knowledge bombs on you. Expect advice on budgeting, leadership, and how to scale your business and make it big in your industry.

Spiritual business coaches are more like the Yodas of the personal development and business world. They might have backgrounds in psychology or spiritual practices. They'll help you tap into your inner Jedi and become one with yourself, which in turn will connect you to your divine purpose and create a ripple effect to those around you.

Methodology and Techniques: 🧘‍♀️📈

Business coaches go by the book. You'll find them using strategies like setting goals, analyzing data, and making action plans. It's like they've got a business blueprint in their back pocket.

Spiritual business coaches, on the other hand, will whip out meditations, mindfulness practices, and deep inner work/reflection. They'll guide you to explore your feelings and get in touch with your what's really going on with YOU.

Because with a spiritual business coach, YOU are your brand. Which means that you need to be the healthiest and most healed version of yourself that you can possibly be, so you can show up fully authentic in the world and share your gifts. Mix that with actionable business steps and you are abundant and creating huge impact, soul friend!

Solving Life's Problems: 🧩

Business coaches are like your professional problem-solvers. They'll help you identify business challenges and come up with practical solutions. It's all about results and conquering the business world.

Spiritual business coaches are more about digging deep. They'll encourage you to look at the emotional roots of your road blocks in your business. Solutions often revolve around personal growth, healing, and finding inner purpose and peace. Because, in order to run a successful brand where YOU are the face of it, you're going to want to be in touch with what kind of energy you're actually putting out there.

What's Success Anyway? 🌟

For business coaches, success tends to be all about numbers. Think making more money, hitting your targets, and seeing your business thrive. It's measurable and clear.

Spiritual coaches have a different definition of success. Money and thriving are still the goal, but it's more about how you FEEL inside, how you show up, and what kind of impact you create in the world. Success in the spiritual business world is about balance, truth, and making a real difference.

What Clients Want: 🌠

Business coaching clients usually come with specific, work-related expectations. They want tangible results like higher profits or better skills to conquer the business world.

Spiritual business coaching clients, on the other hand, are after personal growth and self-discovery. Even if they're not sure exactly what they're seeking, they know deep down that there's something "more" when it comes to their business. Yes, they want to make more money, but they also want to know they're living our their soul's purpose, and they want to live a life of fulfillment and balance.

How Long and How Often: 🕒

With business coaches, it's often a structured, time-limited affair. You might work with them for a set number of sessions or for a particular project. It's all about hitting those goals on a timeline. You can expect to be asked to meet quarterly goals and have a very clear outline of what you're looking to achieve.

Spiritual business coaching is likely to be a more ongoing relationship. It's not as tangible in terms of specific numbers and goals, and there's more flow to how the work happens. You can still expect to work hard and complete projects, but you can also expect for it to flow differently that you may have experienced in the past.

Ultimately, the choice between a spiritual business coach and a business coach depends on one's individual aspirations and what you're really looking to make happen in your business. If you're a healer, intuitive, and/or a change maker... you may feel more drawn to spiritual business coaching.

In a nutshell, business coaches are like your career besties, helping you scale and climb financially. Spiritual business coaches will guide you in that direction as well, but with a side of soul searching, self discovery and inner/outer peace.

Choosing between them depends on what you're looking for: a system that will work (even if it's not fully in line with what your soul wants), or a deeper dive to bring it all together from a place of heart centered purpose. It's all about where you want to go, so pick your coach accordingly!

So, what’s next?

If you are looking for a spiritual business coach who is versed in helping you to achieve tangible business success while using the universal law of energetics, Jen Haddix offers a free complimentary 15-minute discovery call, which you can book here!

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