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What does it mean to align your energy?

What is alignment and what does it mean to have your energy aligned?

You hear this term in the spiritual community all the time. "I'm feeling out of alignment". But what does it MEAN to be out of energetic alignment?

Quickly explained... you know when it feels like everything flows and things are just EASY? That's the feeling of being in alignment. You're going with the flow of the universe rather than pushing against it. AND, when we are aligned, we can manifest opportunities quickly and things just seem to show up. In short... being in alignment is being in the FLOW.

What is energy?

First, what is energy? Our energy is comprised of our emotional body, spirit body, physical body, spiritual body and mental body. When we're in alignment, we match our energy to the same high (or light) vibration as what we desire to attract into our lives. Another good way to look at it is the Law of Attraction, which says like attracts like. If our thoughts and emotions are "negative", we will attract experiences of the same vibration. Same goes for our positive thoughts and emotions. How we vibrate (our energy... think of it like tuning a radio) impacts what we attract into our lives. As a result, we attract opportunities that are within that same vibration. Aligning your energy is like tuning your energetic radio to the station you want to listen to most.

As spiritual beings, we are here to continue to grow through high vibration experiences. Some people might take a course, or a class, or focus on their alignment once or twice and then think they’ve arrived. (Been there!). But what you'll learn is that there is no destination. We are on Earth for expansion and for the experience, and these vibrational growth opportunities. In my opinion, life will be much more fun if you can enjoy the ride and not worry too much about the destination.

What does it look like to be out of energetic alignment?

1) Feeling resentful.

This can happen in a variety of situations. Maybe you're a spiritual business and you feel resentful because you're working harder than you'd like and you're not charging what you feel is aligned with the service you're providing. Maybe you're always pouring out to others and no one is giving back to you. Does this sound familiar? Usually, it's a sign you're out of energetic alignment and you need to set some boundaries and reassess some things.

2) Feeling exhausted all the time.

Feeling tired all the time indicates something is out of alignment. You may be working out too much, doing too much or pushing too much. This is your energy body's way of asking you to pay attention to your body’s need to rest.

3) Everything feels difficult.

If you feel like you're banging your head against the wall trying to manifest or reach a goal, you may be out of alignment. It is possible that you have energetic blocks – scarcity mindset, money, and feeling worthiness are all possible blocks that may be pushing you out of alignment.

It takes continual effort and consistent practice to remain in alignment. And remember that it is okay to be OUT of alignment. You are a human being having a human experience, and these things are teaching you. But if you want to be in alignment more often, start to surround yourself with people who are "high vibe". If you have negative people around you all the time, you're likely to have more negative experiences. (The law of attraction, remember?)

What does it look like to be IN energetic alignment?

  • Things feel easy... you're in the flow.

  • Manifestations happen quickly... woo hoo!

  • You feel deeply grateful for everything and are quick to find the lessons in it all.

  • Your intuition is stronger and more clear.

  • Synchronicities EVERYWHERE!

  • Leveling up and creating more in your life doesn't feel so freaking hard.

  • You feel happier and more positive about things.

  • Overall feeling of peace.

How do I know if I'm in alignment?

If things are feeling difficult, you're feeling the need to complain a lot, you're feeling physical pain or mental frustration, or you're having a hard time manifesting new things in your life... you're likely OUT of energetic alignment.

If you're in energetic alignment you're probably feeling peaceful, happy and at ease. You're not too worried about how things are going to show up and you're trusting that they will somehow. You're enjoying where you are in life RIGHT NOW, and marveling at everything the universe has to show you.

What about energetic blocks?

The key to shift into the energetic alignment we desire is to remove the "blocks" that stand between us and alignment. We often have blocks from our childhood, past lives, and even daily blocks from interactions with family, friends, society, social media, etc. It’s a very powerful practice to do the work to remove these blocks... as well as aligning your thoughts, energy, routine, and inspired action on a consistent basis. You can do this by doing a daily gratitude journal, inner child work, daily meditation, maintaining a positive inner conversation, and spending time in nature... just to name a few.

One of my favorite ways to find energetic alignment is to work with the chakras! I have a FREE downloadable chakra alignment workbook... with worksheets to let you know which chakras are out of balance and exercises to help you align them. You can download the free workbook here.

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