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Think of me as your spiritual bestie. Your lightworker BFF. And I'm here to offer a helping hand from spirit to give you guidance and love, wherever you are in your spiritual journey. So welcome, soul friend... I am so excited to connect with you.

New here? Start with a reading.

Donation Based Readings

...or download a sound healing

Sound Healing for Deeper Intuition

Get access to this recorded 40 minute sound healing that you can listen to ANY time. This sound healing is designed to help you connect with your own intuition and deeper knowing. Just $11.11 gets you lifetime access to this sound healing video. Click the button to buy!

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“Jen's intuitive yoga videos have been a game changer for me. I never thought to mix yoga with my communication with source. It's been such a wonderful addition to my intuitive practice. Brilliant.”

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“I love working with Jen! She is so incredibly intuitive and it shines through in her sound healing workshops and  classes. She is so talented and seems to give me exactly what I need in the moment.”

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“I love how clear Jen’s instructions are for students to safely adapt yoga to fit their bodies. She has a beautiful voice and a depth to her heart that makes her such a wonderfully gifted teacher.”

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New here? I am so stoked to meet you!

And I'd like to start this beautiful new friendship off with a gift, from me to you.

The gift is an incredible "Daily Intuition Journal" that you can download and print to use in your current daily practice (or start a new one!).

Just let me know where to send it, k?



Intuition Journal

Where should I send your gift?

Click here to get your download


Let’s Connect

Phone Number: 775-200-6230    /     Email:

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