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I am so grateful that you're here.

Whether you're HEAL-ing, or aspire to be a thriving HEAL-er, I can help! I am here to give you clarity in your soul driven business, intuitive guidance on your spiritual journey, or a combination of both. I can't wait to connect with you.

Thanks for being here! I'm Jen. I'm a spiritual business coach, intuitive life coach, sound healer, reiki practitioner and yoga teacher. And I'm all about
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What do I mean by matrix? Well... you were not incarnated on this planet to barely pay the bills, or to live in a societal created box. And the matrix is the box that confines you and keeps you from shining and really making an impact. You came here to do BIG things. To heal yourself and to heal others. And guess what?

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When you heal yourself, you heal the collective. When you do your soul's work, you actually CHANGE the world.

And not only are you CAPABLE of doing this deep and impactful work, it is your DUTY as a human being to explore your spiritual existence and execute your soul's desires to their fullest extent.

So tell me, lightworker...

What did you come to Earth to do?

Because I would love to help!

I'm a multipassionate human who has lots of different ways to guide you.

Check out some of my most popular offerings.

Sound Healing

In Person + Online

Join me for a sound bath event, book a private 1:1 session with me, or book a sound bath for your group/event/retreat.


Energy Work

In Person + Online

I offer distance reiki sessions, pre-recorded sound baths, intuitive work and more.


Intuitive Readings

Online Offering

Using tarot cards, spirit guides, and other intuitive tools... I connect you with the guidance you need.


1:1 Coaching

Online Offering

My 1:1 coaching offers include spiritual business coaching, and spiritual life coaching packages.



You are not a robot. Your worth is not measured by how much you do or how much you produce in society. You are, in fact, a being of light who has come to Earth to have a human experience and create massive impact on the collective consciousness with YOUR unique gifts.

If you're questioning your purpose or feeling lost right now, its OKAY. It's actually more than ok! It means that you're on your way to big changes. All you need is a little reprogramming and thought restructure, and you'll be well on your way to healing. Healing yourself, healing others, and healing the world. You're not alone, light being. And your journey is just beginning.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for being invested in your own expansion. I am so excited to see what you'll do next!


"Jen is amazing. She's patient and explains things without making you feel stupid lol."
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I'm Jen! Your new spiritual BFF.

I love hot yoga, wiener dogs and reading a good book. OH! And breaking the bullshit structures we've been taught to believe so we can be bright and shiny AF.





A Gift To Start Your Journey

Use this FREE workbook to connect to your divine gifts and talents, and visualize your soul aligned client so you can figure out how to speak to them and call them right to you.

YOU are what they've been waiting for... they just need to hear you speak their language. If you've been confused about who you're talking to and who you're trying to help... you NEED this workbook!

This digital download is worth $33, but I'm gifting it to you... because I know you're ready for what's next.

Just let me know where to send it, k?

Drop your email to get your free workbook!

Click here to download

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